Audience Insights & Demographics Module


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Our core database contains information on demographics, consumer and lifestyle habits, as well as unique psychographic information on motivation and decision-making . We turn rich data sets into manageable and actionable groups of people who share similar characteristics, and help you grow your audience by identifying and locating lookalike groups across the country.

Use our survey tools : USSD, Social media polls and physical questionnaire system to discover hidden patterns and connections that define and link key groups within your audience. Our full-service in-house marketing operation gives you access to a powerful collaboration of behavioral insight and industry-leading advertising technology, with a transparent pricing structure driven solely by your success.

We don't measure sentiment alone to know how your brand is progressing. We also provide benchmarks for success. By providing what your numbers measure against, we help you take action with all the data by turning negative and neutral sentiment into positive ones. We provide you with tools to help convert difficult situations to pleasant experiences