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Analyzes various data captured from TV, Radio, Billboard and Print

Analytics & Reporting

Playspread aggregates and analyzes various data points as captured from TV, Radio, Social, print and billboards and makes these information available to advertisers and other industry users. Every piece of content in the form of - audio, video, image and text is analyzed to provide the best insights possible.


Monitoring TV, Social media, Radio, Print and Billboard

Monitoring & Insights

Playspread provides an advertising reporting dashboard that does all the work for you. It lets you analyze data across all platforms and service providers in a single view, optimizing the connection between your marketing efforts and business results. It compiles all relevant data in one place, makes connections between key metrics and presents all of your information in an easy-to-manage dashboard, with exportable and embeddable widgets that are perfect for your workflow.


Playspread has built a suite of products to help organizations of every size optimize their media spend and engage audiences in effective ways.

Compliance & Competitive Analysis

  • Compliance Reports
  • Share of Market
  • Share of Spend and Voice
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  • conversation drivers
  • keyword search
  • Extraction, Opinion Mining
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  • Audience Profiling
  • Psychographic Analysis
  • Survey/Polls
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The telecoms industry has always been ultra competitive, whether it’s tariff wars, data deals or the latest handset exclusives. Today’s connected consumers increasingly expect brands to engage with them across every available digital channel. Playspread ensures your customers have an excellent brand experience at each and every touch point.


In the highly aggressive financial sector, customer experience is paramount. Playspread analysts work with you to identify and measure key experiential factors that inform your media and social campaigns. Use our media audit tool to check for the two most important baseline elements; a bank's existing brand awareness and its perception.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs)

The most successful brands are consistently creating an authentic customer experience around their consumable products, one that is worthwhile and personally engaging. Playspread helps to give your core target audience a more compelling reason to buy and create brand perceptions through your brands personality, promise, values, story and total brand world.


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